Kim Lawless Wax:

The Kim Lawless hot wax is superior for the face and underarms and is my wax of choice for delicate areas. Clients have found hot wax to be so comfortable in comparison to other waxes with less redness especially on the face.

The Kim Lawless warm warm wax is removed with cotton or paper strips and removes the shortest and toughest hairs with ease. Warm wax is used for larger body areas such as the legs.

I offer the following:

  • Full leg waxing
  • Half leg waxing
  • Underarm waxing
  • Eyebrows waxing
  • Upper lip waxing
  • Bikini waxing



Guidelines before and after your wax treatment:


  • Hair requiring treatment needs to be a minimum of 5mm (1/4″) long
  • DO NOT use oils, moisturisers or exfoliators on the areas to be treated

Before and After:

  • DO NOT swim or soak in the bath
  • DO NOT sunbathe or use a sunbed
  • DO NOT exercise vigorously and avoid activities such as gardening*

24 hours After:

  • DO NOT apply deodorants, body sprays or self tanning lotion

In the days after:

  • From about 48 hours after, keep the area exfoliated every few days and moisturise to avoid ingrowing hair
* The reason for not exercising vigorously before and after waxing is because the waxing process itself will stimulate the blood vessels around the waxing area, and the increased blood flow from exercise and exertion will further stimulate the area and perhaps aggravate it when it needs to calm down.

Top Lip Waxing

If hair on your top lip really bothers you then the options are bleaching, IPL Permanent Hair Reduction, electrolysis or waxing. Bleaching is an ongoing process that needs to be done every couple of weeks. IPL and Electrolysis takes time, is usually a permanent reduction of hair though costly, and can be a rather uncomfortable process on this area of the face. Waxing is another option that needs to be repeated once it has grown back enough but over time the hair usually thins out so that lip waxing becomes less frequent. It is important not to bleach in-between times as that can weaken the hair shaft so that it snaps!

Depending on your skin and how it reacts, the waxing can make you wince but it is soon over with, or maybe your skin will tingle a lot for a long five minutes afterwards and be red for an hour or so. Whatever the feeling, visually you will be left with a hair free area that can look very different.

Worried about excess hair?

Whether it is top lip hair or somewhere else on your body, sometimes we are bothered by excess hair. However, in many cases this “excess” hair may be completely natural or not at all noticeable to anyone else. In such cases, I will tell you and encourage you to reconsider how you feel about this hair. It could be that coming to terms with it and enjoying who you are is actually the best way to deal with it! And I will support you in doing that. However, if hair removal is the way forward then consider IPL Permanent Hair Reduction or waxing as needed.