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by Sue, November, 2015 on Other reviews

I had booked in for the transforming touch treatment, when I arrived Caroline immediately picked up on the fact that I was struggling with pain from my ongoing condition without me saying a word. She offered to do a shoulder, neck, head and face massage instead to which I agreed. During the treatment I was able to let Caroline know which movements felt good and which hurt. So with Caroline knowing what to pressure and movements to carry on with I was transported to a place between awake and asleep. With a feeling of absolute calm and warmth sweeping over me. Caroline left me alone for a few minutes and came back to place her hands on my head to finish the treatment this tile her hands were chilled as she'd been to fetch a glass of iced water, this felt absolutely fantastic. I thought that this was as it was meant to be but on speaking to Caroline afterwards it's not what she normally does but felt that it was right for me. As usual Caroline has individualised her treatment. Than" Recommended!

by Sue, October, 2015 on Other reviews

I have had several Swedish Back Massages from Caroline and have recently started to have her transforming massages which have been even more beneficial for me. I am able to relax more and my sleep has improved since I started having these. I thoroughly recommend Caroline as an amazingly professional and truly caring person who listens to you and tailors her treatment to your needs. Since finding Caroline I have had a few health issues to which Caroline has responded to and tailored her treatment to take account of how I am at the time of my treatment and I can honestly say that I leave her room feeling calmer and more at ease than when I arrived " Recommended!

by S (Middlewich) on Body Beauty

If I was going to a desert island, I would take Caroline with me as my luxury. I can't think of anyone else who is as positive, happy and chatty - and useful. My nails and brows would be groomed and beautiful, she could calm me and sooth me with massages using freshly made coconut oil. In fact, I may not want to return! Caroline, you are very professional, your products are gorgeous and no matter how frazzled I am when I arrive, I always leave calmer and feeling soothed, ready to face the world again. I sleep really well after a massage which is an added bonus. Thank you!

by BM (Northwich) on Body Beauty

Last minute appointment. Loving the result. Great customer service. Best tan fake tan ever. Thank you.

What a find! Caroline is very welcoming and extremely professional but with an excellent quirky sense of humour, she immediately makes you feel at ease. I have had several appointments for varying treatments and have always had much longer than my allocated time slot which makes the sessions great value for money. Cannot recommend highly enough!

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