TMJ Massage

The Temporo Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Massage can help alleviate face and jaw pain.


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TMJ Massage
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by D (Crewe) on TMJ Massage

TMJ massage is a wonderful experience when you have suffered with face pain and headache like I have for some 25 years. I have tried many different types of massage over the years but I have found TMJ massage to be most effective in relieving symptoms long term. When I've had other back/ neck /shoulder massage my pain always comes back. With the TMJ massage my face pain has now pretty much gone. If it does come back with a migraine, the pain is only temporary and much less severe than it used to be. The massage itself feels quite liberating and I could feel tissue softening as it was worked on. Although I wouldn't describe the internal massage part as 'relaxing' it's certainly not anything to be apprehensive about and I really enjoyed the sensation of my muscles responding as massage increased blood flow into the area. I especially enjoyed the external face massage which is part of the TMJ treatment. I find facial massage really relaxing and I think that the two approaches (internal and external) complement each other very well.