Microcurrent Facial that is also known as the “Non-Surgical Facelift”!


The Process

First a thorough cleansing using organic Neal’s Yard. A gel appropriate to your skin type is applied and then the microcurrent procedure is carried out with either sweeping, pulling or pinching movements using the cotton bud tipped probes. This can become a relaxing process. The gel is taken off revealing smoother and softer skin. It can take anywhere between 40 and 60 minutes. You may have a slight pinkness which usually clears by the time we have finished or within an hour.

The Truth

Clients usually see an improvement in lift after about four sessions. The amount of “facelift” varies from person to person and may be difficult for you to notice as the changes will be slight each time and as we are so used to seeing our own faces the changes may not seem like they are happening. However, since I will take photographs at the beginning and end of the course of treatments you will be able to see for yourself just how much improvement has been made. It is a gradual process that works with your natural looks.

You will definitely feel an improvement of the skin from day one. Softer, toning and firming. You will feel it from within ~ a tightening and a bit like a muscle work out without the effort. A one off facial is a lovely facial but those effects will not stay for longer than a day or two. This is where you need to have a consistent course of 10 to 12 sessions for the muscles to help those changes. You could maintain the gains by simply doing good facial exercises though you would need to be dedicated. Or you can lay back and enjoy a lovely top-up microcurrent facial once a month for maintenance?

If you would like an instant result or a strong effect then this isn’t the procedure for you. It takes a little time and patience and the rewards are a natural and beautiful look. People around you may start to comment after a few weeks with comments such as:

You’re looking good…

Have you had your hair done?

…looking so much more relaxed and younger…

You look five years younger!

Micorcurrent: 75 year old
Example One: A 75-year-old male before and after 10 sessions. The baggy eyelids are much reduced; the frown lines between the eyes are softened and the skin is generally a better tone.


More of my own examples will be added in due course. Photographs are just cropped and I try to get the same angles and lighting each time but this can be quite difficult. Also, many clients report improvements and we can see it and yet the photographs are not always good enough to show the differences.

Each client will respond differently and the results will depend on your skin and muscle tone. This process can be used to rejuvenate and for those who are younger, can be used to help slow the aging process. You could be early 30s and need help to control forehead lines, or in your later 40s and 50s and need a bit of lift.

All photographs are my copyright and are my work and can not be used by anyone else.


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Microcurrent Rejuvenation
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Caroline is very friendly, welcoming and professional. A fantastic experience from beginning to end when you visit Caroline. My skin looks and feels amazing. I'm looking forward to my next treatments.