IPL Skin rejuvenation with RF

IPL with radio frequency is an effective treatment for improving the appearance of the skin, such as uneven colour, tone and texture, and tightening of pores.


How does it work?

  1. The treatment area is made ready
  2. The IPL flashes with some RF energy
  3. Heat is absorbed by the deeper layers of the skin
  4. Heat stimulates the production of collagen
  5. Improves skin tone, and reduces lines and wrinkles

What do I get?

  1. A patch test and consultation, covering medical history, expectations, pre- and post-treatment advice
  2. Typically 30 to 120 mins per treatment
  3. Course of treatments, typically 4-6 for best results
  4. Treatments typically 2-4 weeks apart.

Very Important!

  1. Can not be carried out on sun tanned or spray tanned skin
  2. Can not have sunny holiday or sun-bed sun exposure in the four weeks after treatment
  3. There might be downtime but is unusual
  4. Some medications make you photo-sensitive and therefore not suitable for treatment.