IPL Pigmentation Reduction

IPL with radio frequency is an effective treatment for various kinds of pigmentation issues. It is sometimes called photo-rejuvenation, or when performed on the face, a photo-facial.

IPL Pigmentation Reduction can treat@

  • sunspots
  • age spots
  • liver spots
  • freckles


IPL pigmentation reduction
Pigmentation treatment after three sessions (image credit and © SkinFirst)

The Treatment

IPL consists of sophisticated flash gun that is flashed into the treatment area, heating the brown coloured melanin in the pigment causing it to break down. You may notice that the pigment darkens.

This process is repeated over the entire treatment area. Over the next few weeks, the pigmented area may darken further, and produce a rough texture called micro-crusting. In due course, just like a scab, it slowly comes off by itself, until one day, it may just fall off leaving lighter skin below.

An average of 3-6 treatments are usually required about a month apart, but a few people are lucky in that one treatment is sufficient. Lighter skin types respond better, and dark skin may not be suitable for treatment.

How does it work?

  1. The treatment area is made ready
  2. The IPL flashes with some RF energy
  3. Heat is absorbed by the melanin
  4. The melanin breaks down
  5. The area may appear worse, and micro-crusting may take place

What do I get?

  1. A patch test and consultation, covering medical history, expectations, pre- and post-treatment advice
  2. Typically 30 mins per treatments
  3. Course of treatments, typically 3-6
  4. Treatments typically every 4-6 weeks
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IPL Pigmentation Reduction
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 2 reviews
 by JK (Sandbach)

Recently I have also become a client of Ian's who is treating me for sun damage spots on my arms, hands, chest and face with IPL. I did not foresee myself having a treatment like this with a male because it is very personal but with Ian I had no hesitation. Caroline and Ian work to the highest standard and it is always a pleasure having my appointments with them both. Long may it continue xx

 by S (Cheshire)

I have known Caroline for a number of years and have had all manner of treatments with her. Caroline is a lovely person with a brilliant bubbly warm personality. One of those people you meet once and it feels as if you've been friends for years. Her enthusiasm for her work is inspiring, she's an absolute perfectionist when it comes to treatments and a mine of info talking you through every step of the way, making sure you’re comfortable at all times and listening to your concerns. Her main concern is you get a good treatment. Caroline's treatment room is beautiful and warm, cosy and pristine. I have just finished a course of radio frequency on my face, neck and décolletage. From the very first treatment I noticed a difference. My face and neck were more lifted, fine lines less noticeable and I had a beautiful glow to my skin, my décolletage is so smooth. I am amazed at how the treatments have changed my skin, it feels firm and plump and always has a glow. I have had so many compliments about my skin since having these treatments, even people I don't know are shocked when I tell them my age and thinking I am a lot younger which is a terrific compliment. I am now on maintenance which means I have a treatment about every six months to keep my skin in tip top condition. The radio frequency is a lovely treatment, one of my favourites, it is so relaxing and super effective. I highly recommend you try a treatment of your choice with Caroline, trust me you'll never look back.