Healthy Nails Manicure or Pedicure

Neals Yard Organics and a buffing finish: this treatment monthly is ideal if you want to get your nails back into shape and healthy:

  • Perhaps you are a nail biter and want to break the habit?
  • Perhaps you just do not want to have varnish or colour on your nails?
  • Perhaps your nails have been over processed with acrylics and gels and varnish?
  • Perhaps you want nails that are easier to maintain and look maintained?
  • This treatment is pampering and nourishing and takes time!


Enjoy a pampering hour with soaking, thorough nail care, hot oil mitts or boottees, massage and nail buffing. Using Neals Yard product to soak and my own special blend of organic oils including cocoa butter leaves your skin soft, delicious and smooth.

Was Rome built in a day?

Likewise, it can sometimes take a few sessions to turn tough, cracked heels into soft and supple skin! You will see a lot of improvement after just one session and most hands or feet and nails look transformed after this luxurious and pampering treatment.

No nail colour!

No nail varnish is used on your nails – nails are buffed for a natural shine.