Dermaplaning – The OMG Facial!

“Warning! This treatment can be addictive” that’s what my Therapist Jackie said to me and she is right. I am not one to jump on a bandwagon just because it is there and I need to examine and evaluate it. It needs to be effective and worthwhile whilst being as non-invasive and “organic” as possible.

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After being curious about this process of Dermaplaning for some time, I noticed some key changes in my friend’s skin who I hadn’t seen for nearly a year. It was the rejuvenating properties which struck me the most and were so invaluable. She had had several treatments and the deep exfoliating had smoothed pores and fine lines. The fine facial hairs were minimal too and she told me how her make-up went on smoother. This obviously required some more investigation and personal experience so I booked in for a treatment with her therapist Jackie in Winsford.

Immediately after one Dermaplaning treatment, together with some skin care advice, this client has less oily skin with a healthier glow.

My skin is pretty good as it is but I have been aware of some patches of pores on my cheeks in which dots of makeup settle. Plus the fine lines developing though I wasn’t too bothered about the vellus hair. The treatment was comfortable and easy and I have to say that I have been enjoying putting on makeup and noticing the differences already including not having the small amount of peach fuzz that I do have. I’m going to a big wedding in August and vanity hits me too as I want to look my best so I have my next treatment already booked as I can see that a few treatments will have more of a rejuvenating effect.

Unfortunately there are no before and after photographs of me but since training and doing my Case Studies and working with clients I already have photos of my own clients. In time I will add photos after several treatments. These photos are better viewed on a large screen to see the finer details! See the Before and After page for more pics.

Immediately after one Dermaplaning treatment this client has seen smoother skin and a slight lightening to pigmentation.

Comments from clients already include:

“hi, just dropping a quick message to say thanks again for my treatment today! I’m absolutely chuffed with the results, my skin feels amazing! you’ve absolutely made my week!”

“I’m really pleased with the results of my treatment. I deal with mild acne and feel that this has helped the renewal of my skin, it looked glowy and felt smooth straight after and still does now a week later! Plus my foundation and skin make-up applies and looks visibly more seamless as a result so will definitely be returning again.”

“I’ve always used fairly light coverage foundation but it was starting to look really claggy every time I put it on and I was contemplating having to get thicker coverage foundation. But since having this treatment, my foundation goes on really smoothly. I’m really delighted with the result.”

“skin is looking healthy and glowy and a lot less oily than usual… skin is still well balanced! I’m also noticing that my skin appears less red than usual”

During July 2018 there is a special half price offer as a way to try it out and then from August there will be regular specials such as buy 2 get one free!


The Therapist’s Therapist!

If I’m not available or you’d like to go to my Therapist, I’m delighted to recommend Jackie of And Relax Holistic And Beauty Therapies in her lovely treatment room in Winsford.