Can a facial really make a difference to you?

Are there days when you wake up and feel off? Then look in the mirror and just see the lines, wrinkles, imperfections and sagging skin, or even avoid any mirrors fearing the worst? You are not alone. I get those days or weeks too and then the media is splashing all its promises of youth and gorgeousness telling me I’m past my best! Well, there is a way forward and I have some ideas for you to try on for size.

I am a mature beauty therapist with a wide range of experience and I can tell you there are treatments which I specialise in which will make a difference to your skin, and to suit most pockets. After just one treatment I have seen many clients who have felt depressed about how they looked then fly out feeling fabulous! This comes from seeing results as well as feeling in a safe place, in a good set of hands and being treated in a personalised way.

For example, Marji is in her 40s and came to me looking very down. There were some very difficult things happening in her home life and work was uninspiring and not paying enough so money was an issue and to top it all she felt old and grey with her skin losing its plumpness with lines developing. Life just seemed unfair. After a short consultation, she was snuggled into my couch with a cushion under her legs and a soft blanket over her. I adapted a RadioFrequency facial to what she could afford and 45 minutes later her sigh of satisfaction as I completed the last massage of the final creams, then the squeals of delight as she looked in the mirror to see a brighter, fresh-faced Marji looking back. Marji’s energy visibly rose and she practically skipped out the treatment room. All those other difficult things in her life were still there but Marji looked rejuvenated and said she was ready to meet everything.

What I am saying, is that a facial can make a difference to your skin but it is not just about the physical effects on your skin but also about the nurturing and nourishment. Giving yourself some special time and being looked after for a change.

By results, I am not going to promise you the moon or unrealistic ideas of youthfulness. This is about looking good and feeling younger. About being you and you being more than good enough.

So where do we start? How about booking a free consultation with me and having a no obligation chat? Treatment options range from a deeply relaxing natural uplift facial massage; to my unique Steam Clean Facial; to non-invasive muscle work with Microcurrent; and the sensational RadioFrequency which tones and tightens and promotes collagen production; to IPL for skin rejuvenation.

One client said to me that just coming for a consultation felt like having a session of meditation and yoga! She has begun a course of permanent hair reduction and benefited from a Steam Clean Facial, and had her brows shaped, so she is already seeing and feeling results.

Book your consultation online or text me on 07445 343 200. Caroline x

The photo above is of one of my clients after two months in which she had three facials of combined Microcurrent and RadioFrequency. The "after" photo was taken before a treatment and yes, I know, the lighting is vastly different and the second picture is not quite as sharp. However, I am not a professional photographer and no special effects have been used (see my Before and After photos philosophy!) and allowing for that, you can see the difference this facial has made to this client. All results vary and I've shown this great example to give an idea of how much can be achieved without the use of injectables or surgery!