Bio Sculpture Gel Nails

What are Bio Sculpture© Gel Nails?

Bio Sculpture® Gel Nails are a nail treatment that strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails. It can be used to cover your own nail (overlay) to protect and create a beautiful finish. It can look like natural nails or with coloured gel to give you a chip free manicure or pedicure that looks good for weeks. What is more, your nails are completely dry and solid and good to go once the process has been completed.

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How are they Applied?

With the emphasis on care and looking after your natural nails, your nails are first prepared without excessive buffing or strong chemicals. In short, the gel is applied and cured under an LED for 30 seconds for each layer. It can look almost as thin and natural as your own nails and protects your own nails as they continue growing.

Bio-Sculpture Gels

How are they Removed?

Bio Sculpture® Gel is removable without damage to natural nails by soaking off in less than 15 minutes! In reality, by the time you (or I) prepare the nails,  carry out the procedure, and allow plenty of soaking time for each hand and then prepare the nails for a new set it can take nearer an hour. As my client, and if you wish, I can show you how to safely remove the gels yourself.

Living with Bio Sculpture© Gel Nails

Bio Sculpture Gel® nails allow you to carry on with your day to day life always looking good – or at least your nails will look good! They are hard wearing but not indestructible so I will give you some words of caution at your appointment. As your natural nails grow, a gap will appear between the gel nail and your finger in the cuticle area. Depending on whether you have a natural look or a coloured look, and how fast your nails grow will it become noticeable. For some this can be as much as four weeks and others two weeks. However, gel nails on your toes are magical and can last much longer and are great for the summer months. On average though, gel nails on your fingers last about two to three weeks at which point they can be removed and done again if desired.

It is important to budget in the removal of the gel nails as this must be done carefully and professionally. After all, the care of your natural nails are important. As long as you use an acetone-free nail varnish remover, you can paint over your gel nails as often as you like to get a different look as you wish.

Nail biters welcome!

Bite your nails or know someone who does? Bio Sculpture Gel® nails can be built onto bitten nails and provide a mainly unsatisfactory solid surface to nibble. It can take several sessions of gel nail applications to reveal your own beautiful nails growing well.

See my Case Study of a Nail Biter for photos.

Bio Gel Nail Colours currently stocked

80 Starry Night Bio Colour
80 Starry Night
2012 Midnight Blue Bio Colour
2012 Midnight Blue
61 Violet Bio colour
61 Violet
2025 Vibrant Violet Bio Colour
2025 Vibrant Violet
2019 Lavender Nights Bio Colour
2019 Lavender Nights
215 More Is Definitely More Bio Colour
215 More Is Definitely More
068 French Rose Bio Colour
068 French Rose
009 Sweet Toffee Bio Colour
009 Sweet Toffee
218 Shimmering Joy Bio Colour
218 Shimmering Joy
219 Magical Merry-Go-Round Bio Colour
219 Magical Merry-Go-Round
2026 Pink Tiara Bio Colour
2026 Pink Tiara
109 Berry Medley Bio Colour
109 Berry Medley
110 Watermelon Freeze Bio Colour
110 Watermelon Freeze
02 Neon Pomegranate Ice Bio Colour
102 Neon Pomegranate Ice
2027 Perfect Pink Bio Colour
2027 Perfect Pink
2016 Funky Fuschia Bio Colour
2016 Funky Fuschia
2058 Desert Sunset Bio Colour
2058 Desert Sunset
010 Pinotage Bio Colour
010 Pinotage
74 Real Red Bio colour
74 Real Red
022 Ravishing Red Bio Colour
022 Ravishing Red
020 Cherry Ripe Red Bio Colour
020 Cherry Ripe Red
018 Paradise Pink Bio Colour
018 Paradise Pink
220 Shine Like A Disco Ball Bio Colour
220 Shine Like A Disco Ball
221 Party Popper Bio Colour
221 Party Popper

EVO2 Gel Nail Colours currently stocked

Evo Cherie Evo2 Gel
Evo Cherie
Evo Kimberley Evo2 Gel
Evo Kimberley
Evo Zara Evo2 Gel
Evo Zara
Evo Margaret Evo2 Gel
Evo Margaret
Evo Kim Evo2 Gel
Evo Kim
Evo Edith Evo2 Gel
Evo Edith
Evo Yulia Evo2 Gel
Evo Yulia
Evo Mignon Evo2 Gel
Evo Mignon
Evo Margaux Evo2 Gel
Evo Margaux
Evo Caroline Evo2 Gel
Evo Caroline
Evo Sophia Evo2 Gel
Evo Sophia
Evo Jaqueline Evo2 Gel
Evo Jaqueline
Evo Roxanne Evo2 Gel
Evo Roxanne
Evo Juliette Evo2 Gel
Evo Juliette
Evo Olivia Evo2 Gel
Evo Olivia
Evo Daniella Evo2 Gel
Evo Daniella
Evo Whitney Evo2 Gel
Evo Whitney
Evo Anastasia Evo2 Gel
Evo Anastasia
Evo Angela Evo2 Gel
Evo Angela
Evo Jordan Evo2 Gel
Evo Jordan
Evo Annabelle Evo2 Gel
Evo Annabelle
Evo Amber Evo2 Gel
Evo Amber
Evo Angelina Evo2 Gel
Evo Angelina
Evo Natasha Evo2 Gel
Evo Natasha
Evo Scarlett Evo2 Gel
Evo Scarlett
Evo Chloe Evo2 Gel
Evo Chloe
Evo Georgia Evo2 Gel
Evo Georgia
Evo Crystal Evo2 Gel
Evo Crystal
Evo Lauren Evo2 Gel
Evo Lauren
Evo Icy Elsa Evo2 Gel
Evo Icy Elsa