Beauty Therapy in Cheshire

Transgender-friendly treatments

Image: Purple rose

Caroline is a transgender-friendly therapist. You can look forward to the same welcome I offer cisgender clients, and the same standards of privacy and professionalism.

Our private treatment room is located in a quiet area with a dedicated parking spot right in front of the building, and we treat only one client a time.

I are more than happy to mix and tailor our treatments specially for you, and if you have any questions, please ask.

  • Hair removal image

    IPL combined with Radio Frequency is an effective treatment for the removal of hair, from nearly all parts of the body, including the face and neck, torso and limbs. As with laser hair removal and electrolysis, you will require a course of treatments, typically 6 - 12 sessions spaced typically 6 - 12 weeks apart. For more information, see: IPL Treatments: Introduction

  • Rejuvenation image

    We all show the signs of aging: wrinkles and fine lines, cellulite, and a change in skin tone and texture. Radiofrequency is safe and proven treatment that stimulates blood flow and the formation of collagen, improving skin tone and texture. For more information and before and after photos, see: Radio frequency (RF)

  • Waxing image

    Caroline offers a range of waxing treatments using the PhD Safewax system, which is professional, hygienic and uses disposable applicators. Hot wax (not PhD) is used for facial areas.


    Legs, underarm, eyebrows, upper lip and bikini line are all available. For more information, see the page on Waxing.