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No Hands - The New Massage
Caroline is a Licensed Therapist

Caroline offers:

Ever felt like this? Bad posture needs good massage.


Massage is an area of my work that I very much enjoy and am constantly developing. I feel that I take an holistic approach to beauty which is reflected in my massage work. With ease I switch from hi-tech rejuvenation machines to being in the zone to give massage. However, massage is not just another beauty routine on the menu!

Ever felt like this guy to the left? All cramped and bent up? Regular massage will relax, de-stress and help you to be more mindful of honouring your amazing body as it takes you through each and every day of the year.

You can look forward to gentle lighting, a snuggly couch, great music and warmed organic, cold-pressed coconut oil during my massages.

Consider massage as an alternative to Botox! Give yourself a bit nurturing and relieve the stress, together with massage of the facial muscles, and perhaps your frown lines will not be so strong.

I use warmed organic, cold-pressed coconut oil in my massages.


Caroline's Massage Qualifications:

  • Licensed No Hands Massage Therapist
  • Licensed No Hands Massage Practitioner (Advanced)
  • No Hands Transforming Touch
  • TMJ, Face, Headache & Jaw Pain
  • Natural Lift Facial Massage/Facial Rejuvenation
  • Bellabaci Cupping
  • Practitioners Diploma in Chair/Seated Acupressure On Site Massage
  • Swedish Massage


I have had several Swedish Back Massages from Caroline and have recently started to have her transforming massages which have been even more beneficial for me. I am able to relax more and my sleep has improved since I started having these. I thoroughly recommend Caroline as an amazingly professional and truly caring person who listens to you and tailors her treatment to your needs. Since finding Caroline I have had a few health issues to which Caroline has responded to and tailored her treatment to take account of how I am at the time of my treatment and I can honestly say that I leave her room feeling calmer and more at ease than when I arrived.


I had booked in for the transforming touch treatment, when I arrived Caroline immediately picked up on the fact that I was struggling with pain from my ongoing condition without me saying a word. She offered to do a shoulder, neck, head and face massage instead to which I agreed. During the treatment I was able to let Caroline know which movements felt good and which hurt. So with Caroline knowing what to pressure and movements to carry on with I was transported to a place between awake and asleep. With a feeling of absolute calm and warmth sweeping over me. Caroline left me alone for a few minutes and came back to place her hands on my head to finish the treatment this time her hands were chilled as she'd been to fetch a glass of iced water, this felt absolutely fantastic. I thought that this was as it was meant to be but on speaking to Caroline afterwards it's not what she normally does but felt that it was right for me. As usual Caroline has individualised her treatment. Thank you.


Caroline was a fantastic therapist, put me at complete ease and was very professional. Felt extremely relaxed and rejuvenated after my massage! Highly recommended! Thank you

S (Sandbach)


I have recently also been lucky enough to have a series of three Indian Head Massages. Not only was the experience calming and relaxing but I have also noticed obvious and positive benefits to my health. Prior to the treatments, my sleep patterns were erratic and I was constantly tired. I noticed a marked improvement after the first treatment that got better and better with the second and third. As well as sleeping much better, I have noticed that my skin and complexion have improved significantly. I am convinced that this is as a direct result of the head massages.
Each experience with Caroline has been unique and fabulous. I would not consider approaching another therapist or salon. I am delighted to recommend the services of a knowledgeable, caring and experienced professional.

N (Crewe)



Desperate Housewives star, Eva Longoria, says that:

When I want to reward myself I get a relaxing massage.