Beauty Therapy in Cheshire

Male Steam Clean Facial

Old fashioned steam technology!

Get that deep and clean feeling. Give your skin a kick start to a better routine, or a pick-me-up to brighten and refresh, or to help battle those spots.


Using the gentle power of steam, hot towels and other processes, combined with truly organic products from Neals Yard, your face will be treated to a deep cleanse, black-head/pore extractions, a head massage whilst the clay mask does it work and then finished off with serums and moisture to suit your skin. 


Fifty minutes of hands-on treatment (some of it intensive and some of it pampered) leaving you with a cleaner and brighter skin.


Suitable for most skin types as the treatment can be tailored to you. Dead skin is sloughed away and pores are "opened" and cleaned. Your circulation is stimulated and skin is toned and tightened.


It could be the monthly treat that either kick-starts taking care of your skin, or just keeps you looking fresh and polished.


See Caroline's blog post Acne Treatments for more about clients who have benefited from the Steam Clean Facial.

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