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IPL Male Hair Removal


IPL is an effective and proven treatment for unwanted hair that appears in many "male" locations. It works in a similar way to laser hair removal, but is gentler and more effective for some hair colours and skin types.

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How it works

Each IPL treatment permanently removes the proportion of your hair that is in its growing phase. 6-8 weeks later, when some of the remaining hair has entered the growing phase, the treatment is repeated. After about half a dozen treatments, nearly all the hair is gone.

Some people describe the treatment as similar to flicking an elastic band on the skin, other feel very little discomfort, and are more impressed that the technology was originally developed in the aerospace industry to gently remove paint from military aircraft.

Common treatment areas

Monobrow (unibrow): Although considered an attractive quality in both men and women in Tajikistan (honest!), in the West, it is not considered as desirable. Treating the area between your eyebrows (above the bridge of your nose), will give you two distinct eyebrows, and reduce the chance of you looking like the adorable Bert from Sesame Street.

Sideburns: They may have been named after General Ambrose Burnside, but treatment can give sideburns a more defined clean-cut lower border that won't turn into unwanted side-whiskers.

Neck hairline: That clean-cut look you get just after visiting the barber, tends to quickly turn into "fluff" on the back of your neck. IPL treatments will create a neater neckline. Whilst fashions change with sideburn length the neck hairline is unlikely to become fashionable. This treatment can be surprisingly effective in as little as two sessions!

Ears: As you get older, hairs grows in more bizarre places. Only hairs growing outside the ear canal can be treated. Treating this area will slow down the change into your grandfather.

Back hair: We're told it's not as painful as waxing, and once done you may only need the occasional treatment to keep hair-free.

Legs: You don't need to be a cyclist to shave your legs (but some do), and a course of IPL treatments will mean that you don't have to shave throughout the cycling season.

Arms. fingers, toes, beard: All can be treated.

IPL Male back hair reduction after 6 treatments (image credit & © SkinFirst)

Please note that results vary for everyone and for different areas of the body. Sometimes less treatments are needed and sometimes more. A patch test is always required for each body area.