Beauty Therapy in Cheshire

Half-naked men and the beauty show

Mon 19 Sep 2016

Ian writes: 5 things caught my eye after an exciting day at my first Professional Beauty North 2016 Beauty and Aesthetics show in Manchester with Caroline, which I must admit to being slightly apprehensive, wondering whether people would "see through me" as a middle-aged bloke.

  1. There were quite a few other middle-aged blokes present. Most of them were on the stands, and seemed to fall into three categories: (i) selling the latest bit of tech, (ii) husbands trying their best to help their partners, (iii) flamboyant hair dressers.
  2. Micro-needling. We were both interested in how the technology had improved. A couple of years ago Caroline tried out the then-latest dermaroller. The results were pretty good, but it was painful and produced a lot of swelling. The second-generation derma-pens are a little better, but we got to see and try the latest third-generation pen that required no topical anaesthetic, and hardly any swelling! (Photos to follow in a later post in the week)
  3. Beauty trade shows have similarities to computer trade shows (which I have attended in the past). Everyone is very helpful in the first hour or so, but their enthusiasm wanes as the day progresses, smiles become a little more forced, the number of special offers increases as closing time approaches.
  4. A lot of air-brushed young models promoting age-inappropriate products and services (eg. rejuvenation). Caroline tells me it is similar to the same reason why I can no longer wear Speedos.
  5. Four bronzed half-naked young men in their Speedos or golden boxing shorts, promoting artificial tanning sprays and booths. I shared a glance with Caroline, who instantly knew what I was thinking, and told me "no" that I won't ever need to strip down and promote her Sienna-X tanning service!

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